The Beyond PCOS Community

Going Beyond PCOS

You know enough to start balancing your hormones today! The question is will you take the action needed?

This is the hardest part and it's why I am excited to have you in the Beyond PCOS Community

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Get accountability and support so that you build momentum and excitement as your hormones balance, you see the pounds melt away and your fertility return.

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Get a clear path so that balancing your hormones, boosting fertility and losing unwanted pounds is quick and easy.

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Join a community of support so that you stay inspired and get questions answered, even questions that you didn't even know you had.

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How We'll Work Together

Who? Beyond PCOS is for you if you're a smart woman who wants to take back control of your health so you can thrive in all areas of your life. 

Where? Bi-monthly group coaching sessions on Zoom. And personal accountability each week straight to you inbox

When? Every week you will get your accountability tracker and send me yours from the previous week. I will cheer you on, help you where you are struggling and help you adjust baby steps to be attainable and grow

As a Founding Member

More: As a founding member you will more of my attention as we shape this membership into your perfect accountability partner

Grow: You will be a part of how this membership grows and what it becomes to that your community will be here to support you in just the way you need

Save: I am so grateful to you for helping me start the Beyond PCOS Community. It will help countless women regain their fertility and heal their PCOS. That your monthly cost will be locked in at 37.99 for as long as you are a member

Plus get access to these incredible bonuses

PCOS Hormones: Step one is understanding what has gone wrong with your hormones so that you can get to the root cause and fix it! Finally get the answers to what is going on in your body and how to correct it. 

Your PCOS Lifestyle: Here you will learn how to create new habits in bite-size pieces so that you can follow through easily and gain incredible momentum in your journey to healing PCOS 

The Four Pillars of healing PCOS: While this community is about the action I won’t leave you hanging. Here you will get a firm understanding of the important lifestyle adjustments to heal your PCOS. Here you will have very actionable steps so that you can have laser focus and faster results 

The PCOS Fertility Fix: Understanding your fertility and how to optimize your cycle so that you can increase your chances of getting pregnant 

The PCOS Weight Loss Formula: Weightloss is not as difficult as it may seem. The problem is that the standard information is going at it all wrong. Here you will learn the simple formula so that you can confidently charge ahead and reach your goal weight. 

Meet Ashlene Korcek PA-C

With her Masters in Physician Assistant Sciences and Bachelors in Health Sciences, Nutrition and Exercise physiology Ashlene has several years of experience evaluating, diagnosing, and treating women with PCOS.

Hi there! I'm Ashlene Korcek, founder of Nourished to Healthy  

I know all to well the feeling of broken hopelessness when faced with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. After being told I would doubtfully ever get pregnant I felt lost as to how to heal my body even with a medical degree. I finally cracked the code to balancing my hormones and became a mama to not one but three little miracles. Each conceived naturally without medical intervention.  

This 180 shift from hopeless to joy made it clear that my mission is to serve women with PCOS like you so that you don’t feel lost, alone and hopeless, but instead feel hopeful empowered and excited as you no longer recognize your body. 

If you are like the hundreds of women I’ve helped then you simply can’t handle another friend or relative announcing they are pregnant, trying to smile while privately weeping wondering if it will ever be your turn. You want to revive your relationship with your partner, feel sexy and feminine, and no longer feel held back by PCOS but live your life fully. You just don't know where to start or if it's even possible. 

Let me tell you....You CAN break free from the downward spiral of PCOS and feel amazing in your own skin again!  

I can't wait to get to know you better and help you heal inside the Beyond PCOS Community

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